Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review of DID THE DEVIL MAKE ME DO IT? by Mike McKinley

Rating: 5 out of 5

Mike McKinley explores some of the most common questions people have about Satan and demons in the short little book DID THE DEVIL MAKE ME DO IT? McKinley states upfront that the Bible doesn't provide us with a detailed sketch of everything there is to know about the devil. However, drawing from many clear passages of Scripture, McKinley is able to provide a basic outline of what we can know about the devil.

He begins with the devil's origin. Though the Bible doesn't tell us explicitly about the devil's origin, there's plenty of implicit clues to tell us that the devil was an angel created originally good by God. This angel turned his heart against God and many angels followed him in his rebellion. I found intriguing McKinley's discussion of the Isaiah 14 where we get the name Lucifer. I too have struggled to see this as an explicit reference to Satan's rebellion.

McKinley provides some clarification on what the Bible describes as demon possession. He also shows the ultimate power that God has over Satan as well as Christ's defeat of Satan on the cross. We're shown how the devil works in the world today and what his goal is.

DID THE DEVIL MAKE ME DO IT? is a short and therefore clear guide on what the Bible teaches about Satan and his demons. This book will encourage believers to trust Christ in his defeat of the devil and to rest on God's provision in the midst of world so heavily influenced by the evil heart of the devil.

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