Monday, July 15, 2013

Review of CRAZY LOVE: Updated Edition by Francis Chan

Francis Chan's book CRAZY LOVE takes its title from the incredible idea that the perfect and holy God of the universe would love us. It's an insane thought, and yet it's true. Chan is a humble and gifted communicator, with a solid commitment to letting the Bible guide his theology and his life.

The beginning of the book paints a picture of this God who pours his crazy love on us. Throughout the rest of the book, Chan seeks to show us what our biblical response to God's love should be. In relying on the teaching of Scripture, everything Chan says is a challenge to the comfortable Christianity that most Americans are used to. He challenges the idea of following Christ without offering him our best. I know I'm frequently guilty of offering up leftovers to God, and this isn't what I want from my life.

CRAZY LOVE is picture of what biblical Christianity looks like when people offer their all to the God who gives us crazy love. It's a call for radical life change. Chan and his family lives this out, a reality he describes in the final chapter if the updated edition of the book. Chan has written one of the most compelling explorations of what the Christian life should look like for his followers.

Review copy provided by David C. Cook

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