Monday, July 15, 2013

Review of THE BIG STORY by Justin Buzzard

Many books have been written that recount redemptive history, so it would seem that we don't really need anymore. But then a guy named Justin Buzzard, who has previously written on men dating their wives and pastors a church in a city known for innovation, releases a book called THE BIG STORY: How the Bible Makes Sense Out of Life. Though this book is another recounting of redemptive history, Buzzard's voice and heart for the gospel and people make it one of the most refreshing explorations of the overarching salvation story.

Buzzard shows how this story is all about Jesus. It's about the world he made and what he's done to rescue it. Buzzard realizes that we all live out a story, and it's the big story of Jesus that gives our lives meaning and direction. By integrating ourselves into the Jesus story, we live out better stories. By focusing on the Jesus story, we give people hope that makes sense of their individual stories.

I've enjoyed Justin Buzzard's writing ever since reading DATE YOUR WIFE, and this book further shows that he is a gifted communicator with a vision for seeing people come to Jesus.

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