Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review of THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE by Robert Liparulo

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Robert Liparulo has created a story that takes us into the time of Moses and the betrayal of the Israelites in worshipping a golden calf and brings the consequences of that decision into the present day in an intriguing way. Liparulo has developed a captivating "what if" type of tale that imagines a group of forth of the Israelites who were dealt the punishment of immortality without the chance of ever seeing the face of God. Eternal separation forever on earth. This group has become the Thirteenth Tribe, and they're determined to earn their way back into God's favor by acting as his hand of judgment toward sinners. For 3,500 years they've been walking the earth and putting sinners to death.

Jagger Baird is a former army ranger who is thrust into the middle of the Thirteenth Tribe's plan to kill millions of people. Jagger must find a way to stop an enemy who is seemingly impossible to stop and safe his wife and kids, while desperately trying to find the faith he once had and lost.

Robert Liparulo is an incredible storyteller. I first discovered him when I picked up his first novel COMES A HORSEMAN. The premise for THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE is brilliant and the characters who make up the thirteenth tribe are incredibly well-developed. It's interesting to re-imagine biblical events through their eyes.

Jagger is a character haunted by the past and desperate to rebuild his life. His injuries make him real and a character we can identify with.

THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE is an incredible thriller that explores deep questions about the nature of God and forgiveness. As a reader and a storyteller I feel like I can learn much from reading Robert Liparulo. Can't wait to see what he has in store next.

I received this book for free for review from Thomas Nelson through BookSneeze

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