Friday, April 27, 2012

My Review and GIVEAWAY of AS ONE DEVIL TO ANOTHER by Richard Platt

UPDATE: Congratulations to JoyAnne for winning the free book!

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C.S. Lewis once wrote a very creative fictional series of letters called The Screwtape Letters. Screwtape was a demon mentoring a younger demon on the most efficient strategies for luring a human being away from the heart of God. It was a compelling and clever way to illustrate the way evil and temptation work in the lives of human beings. Obviously, there are no senior demons mentoring over new and inexperienced demons, but the fictional letters Lewis created were still brilliant in their illumination of how demons have opportunity to work in our lives.

Author Richard Platt has undertaken to write a new series of letters by senior demon Slashreap to younger demon Scardagger in his new book AS ONE DEVIL TO ANOTHER. The book reads much like Lewis’ original Screwtape Letters, and it’s a great tribute to a brilliant man with a brilliant mind. Platt takes us on the journey of a young woman whose heart is constantly being worked on by a demon with the purpose of keeping her away from God, or the Adversary as Slashreap prefers to call him.

AS ONE DEVIL TO ANOTHER is a creative exploration of the fragile hearts of human beings and where we’re the most vulnerable to having our hearts pulled away from God. Platt takes Lewis’ method and updates it with today’s most prevalent areas of temptation.

I received this book for free for review from Tyndale House Publishing


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What was your favorite book written by C.S. Lewis and why?


  1. My favorite CSL book is "Mere Christianity."

  2. I have to say, The Screwtape Letters because of how it has enhanced my prayer life and given me more insight in how to pray for others. We battle not against each other, but against the spiritual forces in the heavenlies. I heard someone say once, "How many demons has Satan sent out to tempt/oppress/cause you to doubt/lead you away from Christlikeness." I am a visual person, and this book opened up my eyes to just how sly the enemey is.

  3. The Screwtape Letters. It really opens your eyes to the battle going on.

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