Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review of the new SIGNS Series: EARTH from Erwin Raphael McManus

Photo Credit: David C. Cook

I discovered the creativity and spiritual catalyst that is Erwin McManus several years ago when his book SOUL CRAVINGS came out. Shortly after reading it I read all of his other books and began listening to the podcast of his church in LA called Mosaic. What I loved about Erwin McManus was that he clearly loves Jesus and loves leading people to know Jesus, but he’s also an incredibly creative guy. He’s a storyteller and innovator, which are two things I’ve always strived to be as well. So naturally McManus became someone I looked up to and felt I could learn from.

McManus continues to expand his creativity into filmmaking with his new series SIGNS which begins with EARTH. EARTH is a short film, just 10 minutes, that features McManus speaking to us in front a variety of barren landscape backdrops. Exploring King Solomon’s famous words, “Everything is meaningless…There is nothing new under the sun,” Erwin McManus takes us on a journey of the restorative creativity of God in redeeming humanity and creation to be more beautiful as he created them to be. Away from God life is meaningless, barren, purposeless, and hopeless, but with God life is full of adventure, creativity, and hope. EARTH is about the light of Jesus shining in the dark places of humanity and making things new.

EARTH is another perfect example of Erwin Mcmanus’ giftedness for creativity and capturing the essence of God’s message in a way that people can understand and embrace. Check out SIGNS: EARTH, and be encouraged to live in light of the new that God is doing.

I received this film for free for review from David C. Cook

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