Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Gravestone by Travis Thrasher

Chris Buckley is haunted by the dangerous people watching his every move and the oppressive darkness of the town of Solitary. Not knowing who he can trust, he continues his journey of discovering the deepest darkest secrets of Solitary, even as he tries to find the people responsible for killing the girl he had grown to love. The town is covering up something deadly and sinister, and at the center of the mayhem is a creepy church pastor named Jeremiah Marsh. Who is he? Why does he hold so much power with the people of Solitary? Why isn't anyone trying to stop him? Chris' world becomes consumed with exposing Marsh for who he is while avoiding letting anyone else get hurt by being close to him.

In GRAVESTONE Travis Thrasher continues the intriguing story he began with SOLITARY, and the book takes the story to a whole new level. While I've enjoyed every Thrasher novel I've read, The Solitary Tales seems by far the most captivating of stories. I couldn't stop reading until the end, and I'm more than ready to read the final two installments of the series next year. The story has the mysterious feel of the TV show LOST, which is great for anyone who was a fan of that show.

The characters of GRAVESTONE are compelling. Iris was an interesting and pleasant addition to the story, as well as Chris' art class partner Kelsey. It was great to get to know Poe more, and, of course, the unwrapping of Jeremiah Marsh's storyline keeps me hooked all the way through. The story is told from Chris' point of view, and it gives us a very believable look into the mind of a teenage boy going through the most insane of circumstances.

GRAVESTONE is a young adult novel in the vein of the TWILIGHT series, and it will appeal to a teen audience well. However, its appeal isn't limited to the YA age group. Thrasher has written a consuming story that explores the nature of good and evil, and I would recommend the series to anyone who wants to explore compelling faith-based fiction.

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