Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: The Grace of God by Andy Stanley

Countless people have come away from the Bible believing that there is a stark difference between the God of the Old Testament and Jesus, the God of the New Testament. It seems like God in the Old Testament is angry and frequently expressing his divine wrath toward humanity. Then Jesus comes along who is "full of grace and truth." It's often thought that grace is a novel concept to the New Testament, instituted by the arrival of Jesus. But Andy Stanley in his book THE GRACE OF GOD dispels the myth that the Bible presents us with two drastically different Gods. Andy Stanley takes us on a beautiful journey through redemptive history to show that grace has been a defining characteristic of God's relationship with humanity even from the beginning.

Stanley has a remarkable way of drawing out the implications of a biblical text to show its freshness and relevance to a modern audience. I especially loved Stanley's handling of the Ten Commandments, showing that the Law was given as a confirmation of a relationship rather than a requirement to institute a relationship.

I've always loved Andy Stanley's preaching and his insights into leadership, and this book is a great addition to his communication of the Bible. The writing is thoughtful and warm. This a great resource for anyone wanting to understand the grace of God better.

I received this book for free for review from BookSneeze.com

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