Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: 31 Days To Finding Your Blogging Mojo

If you've ever wanted to start blogging but aren't sure where to begin, or you've been blogging, but you're not sure how to maintain a blog people would be interested in, then you'll definitely want to check out Bryan Allain's new book 31 DAYS TO FINDING YOUR BLOGGING MOJO.

Allain has been blogging for years, and this book is an insightful and practical guide on how to be a successful blogger. Allain believes that everyone has something important to say from their own unique perspective, and his book is an intensely helpful contribution to helping people learn how to communicate powerfully and authentically through their own blogging platform.

The book covers topics such as target audience, blogger perspective, content, gaining readers, guest posts, and more. Allain is a humor writer on his blog, and his ability to make others laugh shines through in his book, which made it a very enjoyable read even as I was learning the ins and outs of running a blog.

This will be a vitally helpful book for anyone who currently blogs or is interested in blogging. And you can read it a chapter a day the way it was written, or you may find yourself wanting to keep going because Allain is so funny and you're loving the learning process he presents. Either way 31 DAYS TO FINDING YOUR BLOGGING MOJO will make you a better blogger if you follow its advice.

You can buy the book as a PDF file at or for Kindle at

I received this book for free for review from the author


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  2. Thanks. It was a really helpful book.