Thursday, May 23, 2013


I've become increasingly more interested in the thought of Jonathan Edwards recently, and the reason is Kyle Strobel. JONATHAN EDWARDS'S THEOLOGY: A REINTERPRETATION is a new book by Strobel that dives deep into the writings of Jonathan Edwards to illuminate exactly what Edwards believed and taught. Strobel explains in the introduction that Edwards's beliefs have often been misunderstood, and he seeks to cast light on these misunderstandings and bring some much-needed clarity. He does this by exploring Edwards's writings, often comparing their chronology. He shows that a close reading of Edwards's writings reveal development in his thought as he was writing.

Strobel looks at Edwards's thoroughly trinitarian thought, exploring Edwards's explanations for the personhood of the members of the trinity and the "personal beatific delight" of the trinity. Edwards grounds the rest of his theology in his theology of God's trinitarian nature. Strobel shows Edwards's development and how many have misunderstood his stance. Strobel, after giving us a clear and thorough look at Edwards's trinitarian theology, goes into other areas of Edwards's theology. This gives us some important thoughts on the end for which God created the world, the nature of heaven in Edwards's mind, redemption, and religious affections.

Strobel's book is heavy reading that both requires and generates much thought. Because Edwards grounds his theology in a robust biblical conception of God's trinitarian nature, reading the book not only provided intellectual stimulation, but an awe of who God is. 

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