Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review of HOW CHILDREN SUCCEED by Paul Tough

HOW CHILDREN SUCCEED by Paul Tough is a book about what factors contribute to a child growing up to succeed in life. The book starts by looking at what it looks like for children not to succeed. Tough is a journalist, and he introduces us to a variety of people whose stories are heartbreaking because of the factors and conditioning they lacked in early childhood that contributed to some very difficult circumstances later in life. I found it very interesting and alarming as a parent the effects of stress on children.

Tough’s book goes on to reveal that success is based less on school-based learning of information than helping children to develop the character to put their learning into practice. There’s plenty of scientific data revealed throughout the book, as well as stories to illustrate the book’s main points. Children need environments created for them that will help their character development. Character will help children endure in areas that information and skills may not.

I think this book is really important and should be read by parents and educators. Children deserve to have people in their lives who are committed to investing in their development and shaping of their futures. HOW CHILDREN SUCCEED will help to give people a vision to strive for, as well as steps to take to get there.

Review copy provided by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

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