Monday, December 31, 2012

Review of THE PANEM COMPANION by V. Arrow

Rating: 5 out of 5

Right before The Hunger Games movie came out I decided to finally sit down and read the books, and they quickly became one of my favorite book series I've ever read. When you get caught in a book's narrative the way The Hunger Games pulls you in, you hate to leave that world you've come to know so well through the story. V. Arrow, creator of the most well-known fan map of Panem, has written an unofficial guide to the series called THE PANEM COMPANION.

THE PANEM COMPANION goes through the process of mapping out the land area of Panem and gives a full- color map of the world Suzanne Collins may have had in mind when she wrote the series. The book explores some of the common elements that fans find themselves interested in about Panem and delves deeper into possible answer's for things such as race and ethnicity in Panem, gender roles, the rebellion, Prim's parentage, and much more.

THE PANEM COMPANION is a great opportunity to journey back into the world of Panem and speculate about some of the themes and elements of The Hunger Games series.

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