Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Rating: 4 out of 5

BRYAN HITCH’S ULTIMATE COMICS STUDIO by comic book artist Bryan Hitch is an inside-look at how comic books are made. Though not a step-by-step instructional book on how to draw comics, Hitch does provide some great tips and a look at his own process, so that even a beginner could learn something from it.

I love how Hitch sees himself not primarily as an artist, but as a storyteller. He states that drawing and everything that goes into creating the images for comic books is in service to the story. Hitch looks at going from script to drawing and describes how to achieve certain rhythms in your drawings for storytelling.

The book contains some insightful explorations of all the key elements in the comic book-making process, including drawing, inking, and coloring, and he even gives some advice on the business end of how to break into comics.

If you love comic books or you’re interested in becoming a comic book artist yourself, BRYAN HITCH’S ULTIMATE COMICS STUDIO is a book to check out and learn from.

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