Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review of GODSPEED by Britt Merrick

Photo Credit: David C. Cook

Who the Book is For: Christians
Rating: 5 out of 5

GODSPEED: MAKING CHRIST’S MISSION YOUR OWN by Britt Merrick is definitely one of the best books I’ve read of 2012, and probably one of the best books I’ve read ever. It’s both thought-provoking and heart-stirring in a way that brings Jesus and his mission to the forefront and encourages a complete embrace of God’s mission to save the world.

GODSPEED is about Missio Christi, the mission of Christ, and our place within it. But we shouldn’t mistake that this is a book about us, or that the Bible is a book about us. Merrick makes it very clear throughout that this grand story is all about Jesus and his mission. The beautiful reality that Merrick paints by looking into the pages of Scripture is that God invites us into his mission to work with him to save the world.

Merrick challenges the common ideas that come to mind when we think of missions and encourages us to lose the “s” and consider that our lives are meant to be lived on mission in the time and place where God has us. He also challenges the mundane lives many people who claim the name of Christ live and paints a picture of Christian living that is truly adventure of walking with and working with Christ.

I love how Merrick organized this book around the work of the trinity, and I also loved the stories he shares from his own life. Merrick is transparent and authentic in this book, and his life is clearly one that is on a genuine journey with Christ. Merrick also tells the stories from Scripture in compelling ways.

GODSPEED is a powerful look at what the Christian life should look like. It is a life that is meant to pursue the hearts of people and bring them into the life of journeying with Christ. I found myself challenged and convicted throughout, and I find myself wrestling with how the implications of what Merrick is revealing through GODSPEED need to specifically play out in my life. Christians everywhere need to read what God is doing through the message of GODSPEED.

I received this book for free for review from David C. Cook, and the opinions contained in this review are completely my own

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