Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog Tour Review for frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament by Eric Larson

frameworks: How to Navigate the New Testament is a new and unique resource written by Bible teacher Eric Larson. It is a survey of the New Testament. frameworks gives people studying the New Testament a good “lay of the land.” It’s not overly in depth, but it’s a great overview of much of the most foundational things anyone studying the New Testament should know.

The book functions like a Bible handbook, covering the contextual framework of the New Testament world, which includes the life and ministry of Christ and the continuance of Christ’s ministry through his followers. The book covers each of the New Testament’s 27 books, answering the following ten questions:

1. What is the book like?
2. What is this book about?
3. Why was it written?
4. How is the book organized?
5. How does it read?
6. How do I move through it?
7. What makes the book or its author unique?
8. What should I remember most?
9. How can I explore further or go deeper?
10. What one verse can I apply right now?

frameworks is unique in its approach by using visuals to help readers get a grasp on the important concepts of the New Testament. People learn and retain knowledge visually, and Larson keeps this in mind in designing this book. I really enjoyed the introductions to the books because they provided some interesting information to keep in mind as you’re reading each of the New Testament’s books.

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