Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Sylar!

Today our little boy Sylar turns one. One year ago we were sitting the hospital, stressed to no end because Sylar wasn't breathing well because of the anesthesia. Today, he has a remarkably strong set of lungs :) Lindsey and I are blessed with the endless adventure of raising our wonderful three children. It's been a crazy year that has felt like a blur. It's interesting to watch Sylar's personality develop and watch how he interacts with his brother and sister. Lindsey and I both know God wants to do great things in him and through him, and we just pray that we cultivate his heart to love God and love people well. He loves to talk. He loves to play. We love his smile when he gets excited. We're blown away by how blessed we are.

Happy Birthday, Sylar!

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