Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Review of FILMMAKING FOR CHANGE by Jon Fitzgerald

Michael Wiese Productions is releasing a book in October by Jon Fitzgerald called FILMMAKING FOR CHANGE: HOW TO MAKE FILMS THAT TRANSFORM THE WORLD. The book is about the ability to use "cause" films to inspire change in the world. Using examples of some of the mostly widely influential documentaries, Fitzgerald encourages filmmakers to find a message they believe in and create a documentary to spark awareness around their message. For example, Morgan Spurlock created awareness about the health concerns over McDonald's food in his documentary Supersize Me. As a result of this documentary, McDonald's eliminated their Supersize option.

In the book, Fitzgerald discusses the opportunities for indie filmmakers to create quality documentaries with a limited budget. The book covers important aspects of filmmaking, such as developing ideas, applying narrative structure, production scheduling, marketing, distribution options, film festivals, and more.

As a person who wants to effect change, I appreciated the book's focusing on using creative storytelling through Cause filmmaking to build awareness and drive change. The book covers how to create a documentary from start to finish. Fitzgerald also includes case studies from his own experiences as a documentary filmmaker. FILMMAKING FOR CHANGE is a great book for filmmakers who want to create change.

I received this book for free for review from Michael Wiese Productions

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