Monday, March 5, 2012

Two Great New EBooks About Getting Published from Jeff Goins

I've always wanted to be a writer, or at least something where I get to create most of the time. As a writer, I always want to grow and learn from others who are doing it well and finding success. I've been following writer and blogger Jeff Goins on his site for the last year. He's on the front lines of helping aspiring writers hone their craft and just signed his first book deal.

Recently, I got the opportunity to review Goins' two newest eBooks EVERY WRITER'S DREAM and BEFORE YOUR FIRST BOOK. Both books are immensely helpful as Goins shares his own experiences on how to be successful as a writer.

EVERY WRITER'S DREAM is about building a platform to share your writing, creating a brand that is uniquely you, and building mutually beneficial relationships with readers and others in the writing world. Ideally, through this book, Goins takes writers on a journey toward never having to pitch their writing again because publishers will be coming to them. It's about getting your writing out there and making yourself known.

BEFORE YOUR FIRST BOOK is about getting experience with writing through writing feature articles and specifically how to get opportunities to write articles. Goins walks us through the process of getting our foot in the door, coming up with ideas, and pitching those ideas.

Both books are very quick reads, and the concepts are very actionable. As Goins shares his experiences, I'm encouraged in my own writing pursuits.

Both books are incredibly inexpensive at $4.99 for both. To purchase both eBooks, check out

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