Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creating a Movement: A Review of TRIBES by Seth Godin

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Human beings are intuitively relational. People join communities to belong to all the time. People join together based on common interests, desires, or shared experiences. A group or “tribe” of people can be incredibly influential and spread life-altering ideas throughout the world. Groups of people have the power to change the world. For example, Christianity began as a small movement of about 120 people two thousand years ago in Jerusalem. That movement has become worldwide and continues to spread through the “tribe” of people who follow Jesus.

Every group needs someone to lead, someone to harness the incredible potential of the group. Seth Godin tackles these ideas in his book TRIBES. Godin knows that people want to be part of something important, something innovative. People also want to follow someone who has a great idea. Godin tells us that everyone has the opportunity to be a leader. We simply need to find our tribe. According to Godin, people are looking for someone to follow who thinks outside the box. People are looking for the heretics, the people who question the status quo, the people who change the world.

Building a tribe is important if we're out to make a difference and change the world. It's important for the spread of any important message. Tribes are also important because they provide a context for meaningful connections between people.

TRIBES has some important ideas for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, church leaders, and anyone else who wants to leave a lasting mark in our world. It's a relatively short book, and it's divided into easily readable sections. Overall, it's a great book from the innovative mind of Seth Godin, and it would be beneficial for anyone to check out.

I received this book for free from Portfolio, a division of Penguin Books

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