Friday, February 10, 2012

Christocentric Bible Study: A Review of HOW TO READ THE BIBLE THROUGH THE JESUS LENS by Michael Williams

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The whole Bible is about Jesus, but that can be difficult to see because Jesus doesn't actually appear on the scene in the Bible until the New Testament. So how does the Old Testament relate to Jesus? How do all the individual stories of the Bible point ultimately to Jesus and the gospel he came to accomplish?

Michael Williams has written a very helpful book that walks through these questions called HOW TO READ THE BIBLE THROUGH THE JESUS LENS. Williams journeys through each book of the Bible and shows how each book points ultimately to the story of Jesus. As readers walk through each book of the Bible, the theme of each book is revealed, and Williams takes a look at it specifically through “the Jesus lens.” This is incredibly eye-opening as you discover important things like how the sacrificial system of the Israelites prefigured the ultimate sacrifice of Christ. We're also given contemporary implications, and because Bible study is always about changing us, Williams includes helpful “hook” questions for each book.

The book's design is similar to HOW TO READ THE BIBLE FOR ALL IT'S WORTH and HOW TO READ THE BIBLE BOOK BY BOOK. Each of the chapters is concise and clear. It's important for any believer to understand the Bible's overall storyline and how it is meant to point us to Jesus, and this book takes the guess work out of it. This is a very well-written book, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a helpful addition to their Bible study library.

I received this book for free for review from Zondervan

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