Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Becoming the Next J.K. Rowling: A Review of Writing Great Books for Young Adults by Regina Brooks

With the success of Harry Potter, the Twilight saga, the Hunger Games trilogy, and a host of others, it's clear that young adult novels resonate with many people, and not just the young adults for whom they're intended. YA novels seem to be more fun and imaginative than many stories intended for adults. I loved Harry Potter novels and hated when they were over. I've only read the first Twilight book, but it was easy to see why Stephanie Meyer is able to draw readers in to an epic story of love and good versus evil. The Hunger Games trilogy is on my list of books to read. Another great YA series is The Solitary Tales by Travis Thrasher. So it's clear to see that YA fiction is a mainstay in the reading world.

But how does an writer approach crafting a YA novel that will resonate with people like the books mentioned above have? Literary agent Regina Brooks has taken the guesswork out of creating a compelling YA story in her book WRITING GREAT BOOKS FOR YOUNG ADULTS. Brooks' book is an informative exploration of the genre, as well as a step by step guide on how to write a story that appeals primarily to a young adult audience.

The book is really a standard how-to guide on writing a novel, but the insights on young adult novels specifically make this a great read for writers interested in the genre. Brooks tackles all the main topics you would expect, such as plot, characters, dialogue, setting, etc. She even covers how to get an agent, which is especially helpful for anyone who is serious about getting published. She does q great job of helping writers get into the world and minds of young adults. The books contains many great exercises to put the author's insights into practice.

WRITING GREAT BOOKS FOR YOUNG ADULTS is an easy read, but really valuable to any writer interested in writing YA novels specifically.

I received this book for free for review from Sourcebooks

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