Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Prequel to the End of the World: A Review of THE KEEPER by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

In honor of the post-apocalyptic world that many people should have woken up to if Harold Camping had been right, I thought it would be a great time to look at a post-apocalyptic story.

Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee have teamed up and written the first in a trilogy about a post-apocalyptic world  where humanity has been stripped of every emotion except fear. FORBIDDEN released in September, and you can check out my review of it here.

Before the release of FORBIDDEN, Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee introduced us to a short story prequel called THE KEEPER, which plunges us into the story world of FORBIDDEN.

Two brothers have taken refuge in a Russian desert wasteland, and THE KEEPER begins when a mysterious man named Talus walks into the desert, claiming to be alive while they are dead. Who is this man? Is he a threat, or can he be trusted?

Talus holds secrets that few people are aware of, secrets that could get him killed. In fact, these are secrets for which he's willing to die, because the future of humanity depends upon the secrets being carried on for a people of the future. Talus is a Keeper, but he knows his time will end. If the secrets, along with a special vial of blood, are to continue until the time they are needed, then Talus can no longer be the only keeper.

THE KEEPER does a great job of introducing us to the complex story world Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee have created with FORBIDDEN, and it should cause anyone who reads it to want to dive deep into FORBIDDEN immediately. Fans of Ted Dekker's CIRCLE SERIES will enjoy the tiniest thread of connection between the two stories, as revealed in THE KEEPER.

The story is very short, but it's a great example of the storytelling genius of Dekker and Lee. I hope they'll provide more short stories like this one in the future. If you want to read THE KEEPER, it's available for free as an eBook on Amazon.

What are some of your favorite post-apocalyptic stories?

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