Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Intense Story From the Editor of Ted Dekker: A Review of THE BAKER'S WIFE by Erin Healy

I was a little nervous about picking up a book called THE BAKER’S WIFE.  As a guy, the title held very little appeal for me.  However, given that the book was written by an author named Erin Healy, I decided to pick it up.  Erin Healy, after all, has been the editor for Ted Dekker’s books for years and even co-wrote two books with Dekker. 

THE BAKER’S WIFE is a story about Audrey Bofinger, the wife of a man who was once a pastor of a church, but now runs a bakery after being fired from the church under false accusations.  One morning, as Audrey is on her way to the bakery, she hits the moped of Julie Mansfield, the wife of the man who caused her husband’s downfall.  There’s blood everywhere, but there’s no body.  An extensive search leads to no conclusions.  Julie is simply missing, and her husband is getting more and more obsessed with making the Bofingers pay for what has happened to his wife.

The book is suspenseful from the beginning, and it kept me wanting to read more.  The reveals are shocking, and the exploration of forgiveness is inspiring.  The only drawback for me was the title.  It seems to limit the readership of the book to women, which may be the point anyway.  At any rate, I enjoy Erin Healy’s storytelling and will continue to follow her work.


  1. Thanks, Tom! The original title of the book was Fog Lights, but the publisher wanted something different (more appealing to women). :) What can I say? Thanks for a generous and kind review! -EH

  2. No problem. That would have been a great title, but I understand :)