Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Review: Surviving Your Serengeti by Stefan Swanepoel

SURVIVING YOUR SERENGETI: 7 SKILLS TO MASTER BUSINESS AND LIFE by Stefan Swanepoel is a fable about a couple named Sean and Ashley Spencer that is just trying to stay ahead in a struggling economy. Sean's company is hurting financially, and he's not sure how to fix it. Ashley lost her teaching job a year ago, but she joined a marketing firm shortly after and won rookie salesperson of the year, a title that won her and Sean a 3-day trip to the Serengeti plains of Africa. Though Sean is struggling with being away from his business, he and Ashley soon undergo an experience that will forever change the trajectory of their lives. An old friend unexpectedly appears and takes them on a journey of self-discovery while studying the wild animals of the Serengeti.

The book is a really quick read, and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. The author takes us on a journey with 7 of the animals found in the Serengeti and how they use their unique survival skills to survive in the Serengeti, and how those very skills are the ones we need to develop and rely on to stay afloat and be effective in both business and our personal lives. Skills like endurance and being strategic are among the seven.

What I loved about the book is how the author couched the truths he wanted to convey through a compelling narrative. It made it much more enjoyable than a standard skills development book. The book's descriptions of the Serengeti were very realistic and made it easy to visualize a place I've never been before.

The book is great for anyone who is struggling with difficult circumstances, whether in business or life in general. It's encouraging, yet gets your attention with some very common sense things you need to do.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com

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