Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review of SKETCH by France Belleville-Van Stone

Sketch by France Belleville-Van Stone is the kind of book that makes being an artist look like something you could do. Especially how she lays it out in such a way as to be something you do to capture moments in your daily life. The book is relatively short, yet contains all the essential information you need to get started if you've always wanted to draw what you see.

She covers some philosophical elements about why anyone should draw and how to find time to draw when you live a busy life. But she also covers the technical aspects such as the supplies you'll need for the various types of drawings you'll want to try. You'll learn some basic drawing techniques, combined with illustrations to make learning easy. There's even a section on using technology to create art.

Sketch is a fun little book that will help you to make sketching a regular part of your life and a great artistic outlet.

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