Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review of MAKE COMICS LIKE THE PROS by Greg Pek and Fred Van Lente

I've always been a fan of comics and comic book heroes. Comics are a great way of telling a story because of the visual nature. The Killing Joke by Alan Moore is probably one of my favorite graphic novels ever because of how well the story is communicated using images and dialogue. I'm a storyteller, and I've always wanted to try my hand at some point in creating a story through a comic book.

MAKE COMICS LIKE THE PROS is a great introductory guide that walks you through the process comic book creators go through to produce a comic book. The authors, Greg Pek and Fred Van Lente, share their experience working on some of the most loved comic book characters in history. You'll learn the whole process from pitching to writing to drawing, inking, and lettering, all the way to publishing. They cover how to find and keep an audience without minimizing the difficulty of breaking in to the comic book industry.

It's a fun book with some very helpful insight for those who want to work in the comic book industry.

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