Friday, June 27, 2014


Title: Character Development and Storytelling for Games
Author: Lee Sheldon
Publisher: Course Technology PTR
What It's About: Character Development and Storytelling for Games is a book designed specifically for writers who are interested in the process of developing stories for video games.
Why I Read It: I've always loved the stories in my favorite video games, with the stories in the Final Fantasy games probably being my favorite. I love writing in general, and I've always wanted to learn about writing for games. 
What I Liked About It: The book is thorough. I love video games, but this book will help you to understand games better, especially from a story development perspective. This book gives writers the tools to develop compelling story lines that get games engaged not only in the game play, but in the story as well. Learn about characterization, which is really important because gamers play as characters and often interact with many non-playable characters in their game play. You'll learn how to script stories for games. Learn about the different types of games that feature stories and how those stories fit in with the game play.

The book is also a helpful guide for helping writers and designers to communicate in a way that each understands the other. I thought this book was very helpful and a lot of fun to read as a video game player and a writer. If you're interested in writing for games, this is the book to get.

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