Monday, May 5, 2014


Title: Screenwriter's Compass
Author: Guy Gallo
Publisher: Focal Press
What It's About: Screenwriter's Compass is a book about writing a screenplay with particular focus on the character dimension of a story.
Why I Read It: I love screenwriting, and this book's subtitle, Character as True North, got my attention.
What I Liked About It: This book covers a lot of different aspects of screenwriting, and while it's about character, it talks about so much more. I was surprised to learn about treatments and adaptations in this book. The book presents its information in small little chunks, which makes it a great read a little bit at a time. There's important info about screenplay structure. The part I loved the most was the section on revision. There's so much practical advice in this section that will make you a much better screenwriter. It discusses writing better dialogue, descriptions, and much more. It's a really helpful little book on the craft of screenwriting, and I would recommend it.

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