Monday, April 7, 2014

Review of THE LIVING GOD by Alister McGrath

Alister McGrath has a grasp on the truths of Christianity and conveys them in a way that few people have. In The Living God, McGrath looks at the doctrine of God and walks readers through what the Bible teaches concerning who God is and what he's about. In the beginning, McGrath strips away the false conceptions of God to reveal a God who is loving, all-powerful, and committed to rescuing his people. This is important because he wants to make sure readers are clear on who exactly is the subject of the book.

He then delves into some of the characteristics of God that make him unique. God is a personal God who interacts with his people. He shows God as loving. God is also almighty, and this is what makes his personal nature so compelling.

For such a small book, McGrath packs a lot of insight that should draw us to the heart of God for all that he is. This is a great book in a great series exploring Christian theology.

Review copy provided by Westminster John-Knox

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