Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weekly Intake - March 1, 2014

Here's some things I enjoyed reading on the web this week:

Noah Facts #1: Sunday School Was Wrong! - Brian Godawa
Hollywood has a movie based on the biblical story of Noah's ark coming out, and many Christians are worried about he creative license the filmmakers will take to tell their story. Will convey any of the real biblical meaning behind the story? I've been following Brian Godawa for sometime because he's a creative storyteller and he has an incredible grasp of the role of faith in filmmaking and storytelling. He has a lot of interesting things to say both about the story of Noah in the Bible and the movie coming out in this article.

The Bermuda Triangle of Storytelling - Larry Brooks at StoryFix
I've read and re-read Story Engineering by Larry Brooks because it oultines a really helpful process for crafting a story, whether in novel form or a screenplay. In this article, he insightfully differentiates between idea, concept, and premise. Definitely a helpful and practical way of looking at getting from idea to premise to complete story.

Leaders Eat Last: A Conversation Between Todd Henry and Simon Sinek - Andy Mort
I've been slowly making my way through Simon Sinek's great new book Leaders Eat Last. Sinek has been one of the most helpful voices in the area of planning and finding meaning in the things that I do with his last book Start With Why. He recently had a conversation with author Todd Henry on Henry's Accidental Creative podcast. In this post, musician and writer Andy Mort shares the notes he took while listening to the conversation. It's a great conversation.

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