Friday, August 17, 2012

My Review of WHY HOLINESS MATTERS by Tyler Braun

Who the book is for: Christians
Rating: 5 out of 5

WHY HOLINESS MATTERS by Tyler Braun is a thoughtful exploration of the biblical concept of holiness in a Christ follower's life. Braun writes from the perspective of a Millennial exposing the Millennial generation's characteristic avoidance of holiness. Holiness is a concept that can be greatly misunderstood because the Bible calls us to be holy because God is holy, but God is so completely other than us. Braun does a great job of helping us understand what holiness is.

The book is refreshing because Braun takes us on a journey through his own exploration of holiness after a loss of innocence. The chapter on wrath was insightful in showing the seriousness of sin and God's wrath toward it, yet also revealing that God's wrath isn't just something he does; it's something we choose by suppressing the truth of God.

One of the primary insights I found in the book is the motivation for holiness. Braun shows that holiness is about a refocusing of our affections on Christ. Genuine love for Christ is the only way to find lasting transformation.

I loved the final chapter on the artistry of our lives in pursuit of holiness. God saves us to give us the opportunity to live a new creative life in holiness and obedience to God.

WHY HOLINESS MATTERS is a call to a generation to abandon all other things that pull on our affections yet fail to satisfy. It's about reordering our affections toward Christ. It's a fairly short book that paints a motivating vision of what life with God could be like.

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