Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Review of THE TWO FEARS by Chris Poblete

Photo Credit: Cruciform Press

Who the book is for: Christians
Rating: 5 out of 5

THE TWO FEARS by Chris Poblete explores the often unpopular topic of fearing God. Specifically, it looks at two types of fear. One type that the Bible celebrates, and one type that the Bible condemns. Ultimately, the book is about giving credence to a God who is utterly not like us and whose nature should invoke worship in us.

There is holy fear and there is unholy fear. Holy fear acknowledges the awesome and honestly terrifying power of God, but also realizes with incredible gratitude that this terrifying God is for us when we place our faith in Christ. It’s the realization that the one who can provoke more fear than anyone is also our only hope, and this is a great thing. Alternatively, unholy fear sees God not as someone whom we should place our hope, but as someone we should run from. Unholy fear causes us to believe God doesn’t want good for us. Unholy fear drives us from God. Another aspect of unholy fear that Poblete explores that is common to man is the fear we often have of other people. We often care more about what people think of us than what God thinks of us, and this fear drives our behavior. Poblete shows how irrational this is in light of who God is.

Holy fear of God should drive us to worship God for who he is and what he has done. The fear of God is an often misunderstood concept, and THE TWO FEARS is a much needed resource to counteract that.

I received this book for free for review from Cruciform Press, and the opinions contained in this review are completely my own

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