Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Redemptive History for Children: A Review of The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

One of the most exciting things about being a parent is walking with my children through the journey of discovering Jesus. My children are still really young, but as my daughter sings "Jesus Loves Me," I'm moved by the thought that my wife and I get to help our three children meet and fall in love with Jesus. Our children also love to read, so we want these early years to be a time to cultivate their love for reading and discovery and exposing them to the story and message of Jesus. There are a lot of Bibles specifically for children on the market, but I'm convinced there is no better children's Bible than THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE by Sally Lloyd-Jones.

THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE reads like an epic story about a hero who comes to rescue the people he loves. Lloyd-Jones tells the stories beautifully and profoundly illustrates how in the Bible every story whispers Jesus' name. She does an incredible job of showing how the Bible and all of human history is really one cohesive story about Jesus. Each of the stories include some very visually appealing full-color illustrations by an artist named Jago. My daughter is two, and she loves the illustrations especially.

I'd also have to say that I'm an adult, and I love THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE. It's a great overview of the Bible, and it will serve as an excellent introduction to the real Bible for my children when they're old enough to engage with it.

Parents and children both will love THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE, and preschool and children's ministries would be missing taking s great opportunity to get a copy of it into the hands of every child in their church.

I received this book for free for review from Zondervan.

If you've read THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE, what is your favorite thing about it?

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