Friday, June 12, 2015

Review of THE ART OF WORK by Jeff Goins

I've been following Jeff Goins's career for years now, and it's always encouraging to see the way he's built a life out of doing what he loves and that he's willing to share what he's learned along the way. The Art of Work is Goins's fourth book and in it, he distills the journey he's gone on and w it can help anyone who reads.

Goins talks a lot about calling and about how we often know what we're meant go do at a young age. He shows the value of deliberate practice at what we want to do. One of the most significant pieces of advice Goins give is the challenge to live what he calls a "portfolio life." Living a portfolio life means that you don't focus on just one thing. Some people don't just want to be one thing; they want to use their skills in a variety of areas. These are the people that live portfolio lives.

The Art of Work is just the right kind of book for Jeff Goins to write. His insight is compelling, especially if you've followed his journey. If you struggle with knowing what career you're supposed to be doing, The Art of Work can help you get focused.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review of Bible Dominoes by Juliet David

My kids love to play games, so I was very interested to see if they would get into a new game I was offered for review called Bible Dominoes. Bible Dominoes is designed to teach kids basic math and memory skills while also exposing them to stories of the Bible.

The dominoes themselves are a durable cardboard material and each one features a number and a Bible related character or image. The goal is to play while also referencing the Bible storybook that comes with the game.

It's a fun game for my young children, though I do wish the storybook was as durable as the dominoes. Nevertheless, it's a great game for teaching kids counting and matching skills and important Bible stories.

Review copy of the game provided by Kregel