Monday, January 12, 2015

Review of STEALING FROM GOD by Frank Turek

Stealing from God by Frank Turek is the kind of book that combines careful logical arguments for the existence of God with a solid belief that this really is a world created by God where God calls the shots. Turek shows how atheists must borrow from basic assumptions about God in order to make their arguments against God's existence, and he ultimately shows where these arguments fail.

He dismantles the argument that something could be created out of nothing without an intelligent force doing the creating because of the nature of causality in the universe. He shows the problem of evil actually being an argument for God's existence rather than an argument against it, and he shows science to be the study of God's universe that more and more reveals evidence for a Creator. What's great about the science chapter is that scientists look at the facts and make interpretations, and their interpretations are presented as science instead of the interpretations they are.

Turek makes a solid case for Christianity after dismantling the atheist arguments against God's existence. This is a great book for Christians who want to better argue the case for God's existence and Christianity more specifically. It's also a great book for those who are seeking answers, even if they don't currently believe.

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