Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review of Story Genuis by Lisa Cron

A couple years ago, I read Lisa Cron's first book, Wired for Story, which dove into the brain science that makes storytelling so important to us as human beings. I came to the book as a fan of Jonathan Gottschall's book, The Storytelling Animal. Wired was great because it confirmed so much of what I already suspected as a storyteller. There's something encoded into us to enjoy stories and to be moved by them.

With Story Genius, Lisa Cron's second book, she dives into the practicalities of actually telling a story that appeals to people. It takes all the brain science from the first book and applies it to the storytelling process. Not all stories resonate with people. Some just don't connect with people at all. As storytellers, we want to tell stories that people are intrigued by and that don't leave them after they've read the last page.

Cron tackles some misconceptions about how to tell a story in the beginning of the book, challenging some common wisdom. At times, it feels like she's just arguing semantics, but she makes some great points. Storytelling begins with a character, and it's the inner journey of that character that causes us to resonate with the story so well.

Story Genius will give you much to think about in terms of being a better storyteller.

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