Sunday, December 20, 2015

Review of THE HEAVEN PROMISE by Scot McKnight

Heaven has been a popular subject to write about in recent years. It seems there's this enduring hope that there's something beyond this life and beyond the brokenness we currently experience. In The Heaven Promise, Scot McKnight tackles some of the most asked questions people have about heaven and seeks to answer them with biblical insight.

Many people have developed serious misconceptions about what the Bible teaches about heaven, and McKnight's book seeks to tear away these misconceptions. Like Randy Alcorn's Heaven, McKnight tackles the relevant passages from Scripture to paint a picture of heaven that is often very different that what most people have come to understand.

I enjoyed the tone of this book and the hope that it gives for the biblical conception of heaven. My favorite book on the subject is Randy Alcorn's Heaven, but this a great addition to the conversation.

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