Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review of J by Howard Jacobson

J by Howard Jacobson is a story that takes place in a unique future dystopian world. An event has occurred sometime in the past that completely changed the tide of human history. It's an event shrouded in mystery, and it has somehow erased any record of history. The story surrounds a character named Kevern Cohen who falls in love with a girl named Allison. While their love for each other grows, their relationship reveals the brokenness of their world and the potential destruction that could occur as a result of their love.

Jacobson creates a world that keeps you turning pages in search of answers. This is a book that explores some deep themes, and feels truly disturbing at times. The mystery drives the story forward, and the love story keeps you committed to it until the end. This book has been compared to other classic dystopian novels, and it's an apt comparison. Definitely an interesting read if you're into dystopian stories.

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