Thursday, December 25, 2014

Review of JESUS, CONTINUED... by J.D. Greear

Many Christians struggle with the idea that if Jesus were actually present in their lives, then they'd find living him for much more doable. Of course, the disciples of Jesus lived with him right in front of them and still struggled to understand him and do what he wanted them to do. Jesus himself made a surprising statement before his death. He said that it would be better for the disciples if he left because then the Holy Spirit would come and lead them to all truth.

That's the focus of J.D. Greear's new book JESUS, CONTINUED... In the book, Greear looks at what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit. This is important because most talk of the Holy Spirit either goes to extremes of an overemphasis on spiritual gifts or a complete ignorance of him altogether. Greear shows the vital work that the Holy Spirit does in the world and in the lives of believers. He gives a clear understanding of the Holy Spirit's divinity and how people can recognize the Spirit's work in their lives.

Greear's book has a great section on spiritual gifts that is helpful in the midst of what can often lead to messed-up theology. By the time you finish with the book, you'll understand that the Holy Spirit finishes what Jesus starts in the lives of believers.

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