Friday, October 31, 2014

Review of MIRACLES by Eric Metaxas

Miracles are often debated topic, and rightly so. If miracles happen, then they are clear evidence of something or someone intervening into the natural processes of the laws of nature so that a miracle can occur. The possibility of miracles is intimately tied to the question of whether or not God exists. In his new book Miracles, best-selling author Eric Metaxas explores the concept of miracles and does a great job of illustrating their importance and possibility.

The book clearly defines miracles as something God does in the world, and miracles require God's intentional action to occur. Many believe that if miracles ever have occurred, they only occurred long ago, and we live in a different world now. Metaxas is quick to point out, however, that the laws that govern our universe today are the same laws that governed our universe thousands of years ago. Therefore, miracles are either possible at all times or at no time in history. This is an important point because the implications are that the miracles we read about in the Bible are still possible today.

Metaxas deals with the debate of faith versus science and deftly shows that science and faith are both about exploring God's world and discovering more about him and his creation. They aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, he points out, many scientists have been led to faith because of the evidence they've seen in their scientific studies of God's existence.

The book looks at the miracle of life and the most important miracle of all for Christians: the resurrection. The second half of the book shares real-life miracle stories. Metaxas was careful to only include miracle stories that fit a certain number of criteria to qualify as a definitive miracle.

I've always love C.S. Lewis' book on miracles, and it was good to see Metaxas quote Lewis on multiple occasions. This book is written for today's generation, and it's an important exploration of the concept of miracles and why God performs them.

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