Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review of THE HAPPINESS OF PURSUIT by Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau has made pursuit a key aspect of the way he lives his life, having journeyed to every country in the world. He has a popular blog and is a bestselling author. Guillebeau's unique approach to life has been an encouraging model for many people, and now, in his new book THE HAPPINESS OF PURSUIT, he shares page after page of his insight on living life in pursuit of a quest.

Guillebeau recounts his personal journey and what led him to the quest he's been on. He defines the idea of a quest and why it's important. He sees the quest as something that brings fuel to a person's life. Throughout the book, he shares personal stories, as well as the stories of others who have found their quest.

THE HAPPINESS OF PURSUIT is for people who want more out of life. It's for people who want some solid advice to follow on how to pursue their life goals.

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