Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review of FRAMING FAITH by Matt Knisely

Photojournalist Matt Knisely makes a profound connection between our love of storytelling and the way God interacts with us in the world. His new book FRAMING FAITH is about capturing the moments that matter in life, the moments that God is most clearly speaking. Knisely calls people to break from the constant distractions that our world, especially today with all of the technological options in front of us, puts in front of us. When we can begin to learn to look and listen to the world around us, and really be present in the moment, we can see the story that God is telling through our lives.

Knisely is a photojournalist, and he shares some great insights about life as someone who is constantly trying to capture profound stories in an image. The way he discusses story in the book really resonated with me because I'm a storyteller, and it was great to see the way God works through this to draw us to him, to make us feel, and to profoundly change us.

FRAMING FAITH is a challenge to stop and truly see the world we inhabit and the God who is working in the midst of it. This is definitely a unique and encouraging book.

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