Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review of HOW WILL THE WORLD END? by Jeramie Rinne

How Will the World End? is a small book by Jeramie Rinne that seeks to answer some key questions about what the Bible teaches concerning end times. I've always been interested in this subject, and, like many people, developed an eschatology that was based primarily on what the popular Left Behind books told me. When I finally studied it for myself, I realized that Left Behind is a speculative story based on one possible interpretation of the passages (still a good story that I think God does use in drawing people to Jesus, but shouldn't be taken as the definitive standard by which your eschatology is measured. Rinne covers those particular passages in this book very well.

In fact, for such a small book, it's very straightforward in its approach to Scripture, while also including some very helpful illustrations throughout. The main crux of the book is that Jesus is returning someday. This should cause believers to sense God's call to spread the message of the gospel because we don't know when time is up.

So far, I've read three books in this series from the Good Book Company, and all of them are great because they're clear and concise. I'd definitely recommend this book to any Christian who has questions about what the Bible teaches about the end.

Review copy provided by Cross Focused Reviews

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