Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review of WRITING FOR VISUAL MEDIA by Anthony Friedman

Title: Writing for Visual Media
Author: Anthony Friedman
Publisher: Focal Press
What It's About: Writing for Visual Media is a complete guidebook for writers who want to write for today's many different visual mediums.
Why I Read It: I'm a writer who is interested in writing for whatever medium is going to reach the most people. We live in a visual world. I love movies and television, and I wanted to read this book to keep up with the different writing techniques writers need to have to make it in today's world.
What I Liked About It: The book talks about writing for movies and television, which I love, but the book is very practical as well. If you want to reach the most people, visual media is the way to go. Therefore, you'll learn how to write for commercial advertising, PSAs, video training, mobile media, video games, and more. More than just about writing, it's a book about the theory of communication for businesses and individuals. There's some great tips for career writers toward the back. It's an immensely helpful and practical book for anyone who is interested in writing for all the different visual mediums that are available today.

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