Saturday, June 28, 2014

Review of YAWNING AT TIGERS by Drew Dyck

Title: Yawning at Tigers
Author: Drew Dyck
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
What It's About: Yawning at Tigers is about having an accurate perception of God and an accurate perception of who we are in relation to God. The basic premise of the book is that God is anything but boring and engaging with him is a dangerous affair because of who he is.
Why I Read It: I heard Drew Dyck talking about his book on The Phil Vischer Podcast recently and was intrigued by what he said.
What I Liked About It: I think Drew Dyck does a great job of helping believers to understand how ridiculous our approach often is to God because we view him like we would a tiger in a zoo, which is basically harmless because it's in a cage. God, however, is an infinite being who cannot be caged, and yawning at God when we engage with him would be ridiculous. Yet that's what many of us do. Dyck doesn't try to tame the vision of God presented in the Bible, but he does seek to provide understanding that though God is a consuming fire, he is one that loves us and gives his life for us. Yawning at Tigers is about realizing who God is and being in awe of the fact that this God loves us and pursues us relentlessly.

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