Friday, June 27, 2014


Title: The Multiplayer Classroom
Author: Lee Sheldon
Publisher: Course Technoloy PTR
What It's About: The Multiplayer Classroom is about utilizing game mechanics in the classroom to motivate student engagement and increase learning.
Why I Read It: I'm a high school English teacher. I don't want my students to be bored by my teaching, but I want them to learn as well. I wanted to explore game mechanics for the classroom, and because I knew Lee Sheldon to be video games writer, I was particularly interested in this book.
What I Liked About It: I think the concept is interesting, and I think Sheldon does a great job of elaborating on it. I especially enjoy the personal examples he shares. I think this would make a classroom fun, and I think, with a lot of work, a teacher could utilize this to get students learning as well. It shows why game mechanics work to get people engaged. Though I enjoy the idea, I'm not completely sure how to put it into practice in my own classroom yet. I'm not sure that it's not more work than it's worth. It's definitely worth more exploration, and for that reason, I'll be going through this book over and over. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in utilizing game mechanics in the classroom.

Review copy provided by Course Technology PTR 

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