Friday, June 27, 2014

Blog Tour Review of TITUS FOR YOU by Tim Chester

Title: Titus for You
Author: Tim Chester
Publisher: The Good Book Company
What It's About: Titus for You is a user-friendly guide to the New Testament book of Titus, written by the apostle Paul.
Why I Read It: I've enjoyed Tim Keller's books in this series, and I've been familiar with Tim Chester's work.
What I Liked About It: Chester does a great job of putting you into the context of Titus's world into which Paul was writing. He helps to make sense of the way this letter works within the New Testament narrative. One thing I loved about this book is the way Chester outlines the way church structure was apparent before Paul wrote this letter in the early church. The book also seeks to compare the world and culture Titus inhabited with the world and culture we live in. Chester uses these comparisons and similarities to make insightful application of Paul's words to our lives today. As with all of the books of the New Testament, Titus is all about the gospel and grace, and Chester does a great job of revealing the grace of God that Paul outlines in his letter to Titus.

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