Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review of SMART MONEY, SMART KIDS by Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze

Title:  Smart Money, Smart Kids
Author: Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze
Publisher: Lampo Press 
What It's About: Smart Money, Smart Kids is about raising children to be responsible adults who handle finances responsibly and wisely.
Why I Read It: I've read Dave Ramsey's other books on finances. I have three young children, and my wife and I want to raise them to handle money responsibly. Certainly more responsibly than I have.
What I Liked About It: I've enjoyed Dave Ramsey's other books on money, and I was really interested to read what his daughter, Rachel Cruze, learned from growing up as Ramsey's child. I enjoyed reading her journey and her heart for helping others to raise their children to not be burdened by financial struggles. I loved the chapter on hard work. There's so much insight in that one chapter alone for raising responsible children, and it makes so much sense. The other chapters cover ideas that will be familiar to Dave Ramsey readers, but targeted specifically toward parents. Things like the envelope system, budgeting, and paying for college are helpful for imparting financial wisdom for your children. This is a book that I'll need to read through again and again to apply its principles. I'd recommend it to any parent of children at any age.

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