Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review of THE SOCIAL CHURCH by Justin Wise

Title: The Social Church
Author: Justin Wise
Publisher: Moody Publishers
What It's About: The Social Church is about the way churches should approach using social media to reach people.
Why I Read It: I'm a firm believer in social media and its ability to connect people and ideas. Although I don't work for a church, I can see the importance for churches to use social media to help people get connected to the gospel.
What I Liked About It: Justin Wise is an expert in the area of social media, and he shares his story of how he came to be such an advocate for social media use in the church world. I loved his recounting of Luther's use of the technology of his day to spread the message of the gospel. Wise helps readers to understand the amoral nature of social media, that it can be used for good or bad, and that churches are missing out on an important opportunity if they don't seek to use social media to connect with people. Wise shows that social media is a uniquely "social" media because of the way it provides a two-way communication in a way that past broadcast media couldn't. Wise makes a compelling theological case for churches to take seriously their need to build relationships with people through social media.Though the book is directed specifically toward churches, I'd recommend it to any Christian who wants to engage an audience through social media.

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