Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review of CLOUT by Jenni Catron

Title: Clout
Author: Jenni Catron
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
What It's About: Clout is about the God-given influence everyone has and everyone should be exercising in the world.
Why I Read It: I saw a lot of my favorite leaders on Twitter talking about this book, and I always enjoy reading books on influence.
What I Liked About It: The book is specifically about influence as something that God has designed into each person. Catron explores some of the flaws in most of us that negatively impact our influence. I personally resonated with the areas of comparison, insecurity, and control. Catron tackles these "clout killers" by sharing interesting stories along the way and showing what will counteract each of the clout killers. After exploring the clout killers, she takes readers on a journey of developing their God-given influence. It's a journey of self-discovery as you explore who you are as God has created you and how God has designed you to impact the world. Clout is a good book for discovering areas that you struggle with when it comes to influence and how to replace those flaws with something more constructive. 

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